Best Massage Chairs Under 1000

Everyone loves a good massage and won’t mind visiting the spa every other day, especially after the hustle and bustle of daily activities. A good massage can help deal with joint pain, anxiety, and also improve your flow of blood. However, for many people, the cost of going to a spa may seem sky-high. This is why the market for massage chairs is continuously on the rise. What is the need for spending so much heading to the spa every other day when you can just get one in your home? 

Still, another hitch is that massage chairs come at different prices, with some being much more expensive than others. And not every individual can afford most categories of massage chairs. However, this does not mean there isn’t an option for you on the market that will suit your budget. If you are in search of a massage chair under $1000, you are in luck as we are here to help you out. 

Our experts have carried out a review of the various massage chairs on the market using factors like warranties, durability, and budget-friendliness to come up with some of the best options for your needs.  

Our informative buyer’s guide, which is near the concluding part of this write-up, would help you come to a final decision on the massaging chair that suits your personal preferences. We made use of the advice from medical and professional body therapists in coming up with this detailed review of each massage chair that made up this recommended list. 

You can buy a massage chair for body health or relaxing purposes, which are both quite good reasons to get one. 

That being said, below are some of our top picks. 

OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

The OTORI full body massage has been programmed with so many preset sessions. However, you can also modify and program a session to your satisfaction. These features ensure that you get maximum massage treatment and enhance your well-being.

This particular massage chair is light-weighted compared to other massage chairs, and its parts are packaged in three different boxes unassembled, so you’ll have to assemble it yourself. Still, assembling this massage chair is not a problem as it does not require any serious technical knowledge.

You have to dedicate some time to it because you’ll need about an hour to assemble the chair together. Note that the body massage chair is lightweight; it can only support a maximum weight of 220lb and can still be used to massage people that are as tall as six feet. 

This body massaging chair can be used for different types of people; the young and the old; you just have to adjust the strength setting of the machine according to the conditions surrounding the user, its usage, and more. 

Because its exterior is covered with soft and durable leather, it can withstand rigorous and regular usage, and it is easy to maintain. This is undoubtedly one machine that can serve an entire family; it can cater to you and your kids. 

Its three years warranty is a confirmation that the brand offers you a durable product.


✅ You can get it at a budget-friendly price
✅ It is light weighted and portable
✅ It has long years of warranty.


❌ It can support a maximum weight of just 220lb.

Infinity IT-8500X3-CB3D Massage Chair

This Infinity massage chair is a very advanced and ultramodern massage chair that offers groundbreaking features. It comes with 3D innovations that allow you to easily switch the level of the roller depth from low to high and vice versa. 

It is an advanced body massage chair, and retiring into this massage chair after the day’s hard work is a perfect way to get a refreshing massage.

The massage chair is equipped with an intelligent system that makes it deliver massage to the exact parts of our body that needs a massage. The chair seat is also equipped with cushioning and airbags that enhance comfortability, which ensures you can use it for long hours without it becoming uncomfortable. 

The chair is built in an S-form, which makes it easy for the human body to conform to the shape of the chair and makes you feel comfortable without any anxiety. In addition, there is a spinal stretch feature equipped with the body massaging machine, which relieves you of any spine stress or fatigue.


✅ It offers tons of features that are beneficial to your well-being
✅ It is equipped with the Bluetooth connectivity
✅ The heating feature also warms you up gradually in cold weathers
✅ During operation, the chair is noiseless


❌ Assembling this complex machine may prove difficult; you may need some helping hands to assemble the body massaging chair.

Real Relax Zero Gravity Chair for Full Body Massage

For someone that wishes to buy an ultramodern body massaging chair but doesn’t have a dedicated room for body treatment (as in the case of most people), this stylish massaging chair is built in a sleek style that easily blends with your living room arrangement. 

Its exterior is classy, as it comes equipped with two rollers underneath for smooth relocation, and weighs much lesser than any of the body massaging chairs, as mentioned earlier. This model caters to every part of your body even down to your toe, and it gives refreshing therapy.

Assembling its part is such an easy task, as the machine has a user-friendly interface and can easily be operated too. Remote control equipped with an HD screen is included to make control and operation of the machine much easier, and you don’t have to start searching for which button to press while relaxing; just use the remote. The only thing that seems to be a downside is that the backrest and the footrest cannot be operated separately; one is dependent on the other.

You can also customize some massage features to fit your massaging requirements – i. e. you can set the massaging machine to focus on a particular area of the body and get massaged at just that point. This, in addition to about four different default settings, will cater for your massaging need at a particular region of the body.

What’s more, the chair automatically sets itself to zero gravity position once it’s switched on. This setting can be adjusted based on your preference using the remote, and it is very easy to modify. That isn’t all; It has a high load capacity of about 400lb., despite it being a lightweight machine, and its ergonomic design keeps you in a position that your stress would be forgotten in minutes.


✅ This model is lightweight
✅ It automatically sets itself to Zero Gravity
✅ It includes a remote control
✅ It is ergonomically designed


❌ You can’t operate the headrest and the footrest independently.

Human Touch Volito Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you seek a sleek design for your body massaging chair, then you’ve got to seek no more, the Human Touch Volito Zero Gravity is the right one for you. Truth be told, this is unarguably the most attractive massage chair that has ever existed. It has an open frame design with a hidden ottoman. 

Through its line curves and padded armrests, this machine has won the Platinum ADEX design award for the year 2017. It also has a smaller footprint – this to maximize space. 

But this massaging chair offers more than just its looks. Although it doesn’t provide too much on its features, these features are standard, amongst others. One of these features is its Zero Gravity function. The Zero Gravity immersion offers various benefits like reduction in back pains, leg swellings, improving blood circulation and blood oxygen levels, and an overall improvement in your health status. Once you lay down on the Volito Zero Gravity Body Massager, your body is laid in a neutral body posture as recommended by the physician, and your body benefits from a deep-tissue massage and spine instantly relieved, leaving your muscles in a fully relaxed state.

This machine uses a dual-power motor for its operation, and adjusting the intensity of the massage can only be done manually with the removable backrest to adjust the intensity of the massage. However, the leg and back can be adjusted separately to get your perfect seating position. Also, its calf and foot massager uses a technology called the CirQlation Technology to massage the legs with high intensity, massaging the foot upwardly to moderate the blood pressure and then force the blood to and out of the heart and then to every part of the body.

It is equipped with a hideaway ottoman – because of its hidden nature, and no one would actually quickly discover that it is, in fact, a massage chair! Although the foot and the calf massager are not being used, they can also be rotated and be used as an ottoman. This can be particularly useful if your apartment is not spacious, and you want to maximize the pace. 

The Volito machine has three preset auto programs; the full-back therapy, the shoulder therapy, and the low back therapy. It has no neck massage but is equipped with a pillow that provides comfortable and ergonomic support for the cradling of your head.

Although the Human Touch Volito Zero Gravity Massage Chair doesn’t possess most of the features as in the case of other expensive models, but, it can confidently boast of the basic functions, and if you seek a body massager that has Zero Gravity and is aesthetic, then this body massaging chair is ideal for you.


✅ It requires no assembling. It has been fully assembled from the producers. Just buy and use.
✅ It is also a zero-gravity machine
✅ It provides full body massage
✅ It also offers quality calf and leg massage
✅ It boasts of modern and stylish design.


❌ It has no heating feature
❌ It has no airbags 
❌ It has no 3D scanning and;
❌ It has no mp3 support

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair

This massage chair is an excellent choice for anyone that plans to cut costs. It is much cheaper than other body massaging chairs in its category; it is below $500. It is equipped with many amazing features, but the most notable of all is its hybrid L/S track design. What seems to be a con is its low-slung style gaming design used for its chair, which isn’t everyone’s favorite.

It is a small and portable chair with a size of about 25’ at its base; this makes it fits in easily anywhere, be it your home or your office. However, that also implies that it has a small seat size too, which means that it might not be an ideal body massager for a plus-sized person. Also, it is not suitable for tall people; else, you’d feel confined in the body massager.

The Hybrid L/S track design is the outstanding feature of this machine. Its L track massages your skin and your muscle with virtual human touch, relieving pressure from your body and eradicating fatigue while the S track has rollers that move vertically along the back, from the upper part of the back down to the lower part of the back keeping the body in the S form and also relaxing your spine.

Asides, it is also equipped with 3D manipulators that are used to roll and stroke massages for the neck and through the back. It is believed that manipulators increase massage strength and intensity – well, that is true. Its massaging feature cannot be compared with other products of its price category, it is way better than them, and it cannot be adjusted, so if it’s too strong for you, you have to go for another body massager.

It utilizes full wrap airbags shiatsu massage, equipped with the heat feature for the hips and waist. Its heat function provides heat treatment from the upper back to the lower part of the body. It is also equipped with a timer of 15 minutes – that’s unexpected but such a good addition.

The Giantex body massage chair has an exclusive 3D surround sound system that gives you the best music experience, equipped with the AUX and the Bluetooth technologies, which allows you to connect your device. This means you can enjoy your massage alongside your favorite playlist. 


✅ It is easy to assemble
✅ It is equipped with a USB port
✅ It has the Dual L/S track massage
✅ It is also equipped with 3D surround sound system
✅ It is light weighted


❌ Its heating feature is not so strong
❌ It cannot recline
❌ It is not suitable for tall people (over 6’)
❌ No zero gravity
❌ Its massaging intensity cannot be adjusted

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair

This full-body massager is equipped with dual heater, a rare feature that automatically adjusts to fit your back and flip up the armrests. This dual heater offers an immersive massage for your body by providing warmth across your back and also on your feet. The angle of recline and rise can be adjusted, and the four programmed settings (refresh, relax, recovery, and extend) can be modified from an easy to operate control panel. 

The power rollers massage the body, just like the shiatsu massagers, building up tension in the muscle, hence reducing soreness and energizing the body. Also, its airbags use compression to get rid of pain and enhancing your mobility.

This full-body Shiatsu Brown massage chair fits the shape of your back, providing an exclusive massage experience. It covers your neck down to your tailbone; targeting the stress points around the neck region, massage heads that are placed precisely for this purpose relieves the pains and relaxes the tension around the neck region. The inbuilt heater helps reduce pain and discomfort in the body and also improves body flexibility and enhances deeper and more effective massage. The leg rest can be adjusted to your comfort, and the chair can be tilted back up to 170- degrees.

The armrest is designed for a sleek appearance with a wood-like finishing, flips up, providing airbags that are uniquely designed, wraps around the hands and wrists for thorough massaging. And when folded down, it provides a safe and sound surface. 

It is equipped with a control panel that is fixed on the armrest with a remote, which features a display screen that quickly displays the selected setting. At the center of the dock that harbors the control panel, there’s a space meant for keeping the remote. This makes it easy to access the remote anytime. The remote can be unplugged from the dock for more comfortable use.


✅ It has more than 30 airbags
✅ It comes with four preset massage programs
✅ It is equipped with power rollers
✅ It also has a year warranty 
✅ Its armrest flips up for massage
✅ It fits the shape of your back
✅ It is equipped with inbuilt heaters on the back and on the feet.


❌ Docking remote is large and can discharge if not plugged
❌ The chair is enormous, thereby making it hard to move around.

Best Massage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Buying a massage chair should be a simple task. You don’t want a massage chair that would become a bother eventually. Our number one pick, BestMassage is sure to guarantee you peace of mind. 

It is easily assembled and comes with a remote control that is easy-to-use after a while. You can have the remote within reach as you enjoy your massage, courtesy of the chair’s side pocket.

This chair has a number of other features that make it our number one pick. These include a 35 airbags massaging system, strategically placed along the length of the chair to provide effective massage. The heat therapy feature, unlike other massaging chairs on our list, is solely located in the backrest. It improves blood circulation and soothes stressed back muscles.

Your feet are massaged courtesy of the foot rollers. You can make use of the three preset massaging programs if you do not want to waste time setting up personalized massaging programs.

The extendable footrest makes this chair comfortably used by people who are very tall.


✅ It is easily assembled
✅ Tall people can make use of this chair
✅ It has an inbuilt heat therapy system.


❌ The heat therapy is not general.

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

The Real Relax massage chair recliner guarantees full yoga stretching and massaging of the body. It is equipped with an efficient airflow massage system made up of 50 airbags, foot rollers, and an Inbuilt lumbar heating system. You can easily make adjustments to this massage chair by using the provided cable attached remote control and the user-friendly LCD display panel.  You can keep the remote control within reach courtesy of the side pocket. 

Customized massaging is possible with the four pre-installed massaging programs. The backrest delivers complete massage of the back muscles via the eight well-located massage points. The zero-gravity feature of this chair ensures comfortability during massaging as body weight is evenly distributed along the chair length.

The airbags relieve tension in the arms muscles, by expanding and contracting as they surround them. Calf muscles and the feet are massaged by the leg airbags and the foot rollers, respectively. The foot rollers relieve feet soreness and improve the circulation of blood to the body’s lower parts. 

The inbuilt Lumbar heating system reduces stress, improves blood circulation, and soothes sore back muscles. The cushion massager has three massaging options: vibration, air squeeze, and heating. 

The Real Relax massage chair recliner has an upholstery made from easily cleaned synthetic leather that is very soft to the skin. It is resistant to scratches, hairs, and stains from pets. What this implies is that it can stand the test of time in your home even when used aggressively. You will certainly get good value for every penny spent purchasing this massage chair. 

This chair can be used by people who are of average height. The extensible footrest feature makes this chair comfortably and easily used by very tall people.


✅ The footrest can be extended for comfortable use by tall people.
✅ The chair is capable of carrying a bodyweight of up to 440 pounds.
✅ The basal wheels make it easily mobile.
✅ The upholstery is high-quality synthetic leather
✅ It is very easy to set up
✅ The years of warranty is quite long.


❌ It takes up a large amount of space, even in a reclined position.
❌ The chair cannot be moved about easily due to its cumbersome weight of about 200 pounds.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage

Chair The zero-gravity feature of this massage chair ensures soothing comfort and massaging of all parts of the body. This massage chair also comes with a number of other features to ensure a great body massage such as foot rollers system, the inbuilt heater for waist muscles and four pre-installed body massaging programs, that work on different body muscles.  The Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair is designed to ensure full body massage, which includes the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calf, arms, and feet. The Shiatsu massaging technique, which stretches the body in yoga style, is part of the four massaging programs made up of refresh, recover, extend, and relax options. 

This massage chair makes use of an OPTO sensor mechanism to determine the shoulder length of the user sitting and choose the particular massage program that suits the user. The body shape of the user is also determined by the Intelligent body shape technology feature. This enables the chair to apply the best back massaging technique.

Foot rollers give the feet maximum massage, which helps to enhance the circulation of blood to the lower parts of the body. The foot rollers improve the body’s defense mechanism against sickness and better sleep. They also relieve sore feet muscles brought about by standing on your feet for too long and mimic feet acupuncture by scrapping the soles of the feet. 

Sore back and lower waist muscles are relieved by making use of the chair’s inbuilt lumbar heating system. This heating system also helps to soothe tensed up body muscles ranging from the hip region and up to the shoulders muscles. 

The heating system enhances the circulation of blood to all parts of the body and can also help to relieve flu symptoms. 

The L-shaped track design of this massage chair ensures the spine of the body is fully stretched when the chair is in a reclined position. Improved respiration and relieve of stress as well as pains in the body joints are achieved with the zero-gravity feature of this massage chair. 


✅ It comes with four preset massaging programs
✅ Sore waist muscles are massaged with the inbuilt heater
✅ Massaging of the feet is accomplished with the foot rollers


❌ It takes up quite a large amount of space.
❌ There is no user-controlled interface.

EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair

With a weight of just 15 pounds, the Earthlite Vortex massage chair is quite light. The compact portable design of this chair enables it to be easily carried from one spot to the other without stress. If you have a limited amount of space, or you need to move it between various locations, then this is certainly an ideal option.  This is why it is popular among professional body therapists. The aircraft graded aluminum frame makes it very durable and gives it a sturdy appearance. Maximum comfort is guaranteed while making use of this chair as it comes with adjustable levers to suit different body shapes and sizes. 

You can easily adjust this massaging chair to make different body sizes and shapes feel very comfortable. The face, chest, and sitting pads can all be adjusted to suit the particular physique of different people. The height of the armrests can also be adjusted. The adjustable feature is to make the chair very comfortable for each particular person. The sternum pad which is removable can be used as added comfort where it is needed

This massage chair is designed to give the user maximum comfort during use. The durable seat cushion, arm, and leg rests are filled with soft foam that makes the user feel so relaxed and comfortable. The material used in covering the chair itself is of Natursoft material, which is very gentle on the skin, especially the armrests and face pad. You can clean the chair material easily with a soft cloth dipped in a standard cleaning reagent when it is to be used by multiple people. 

The Earthlite Vortex massage chair has a frame that is constructed from the same aluminum quality that is used in constructing airplanes. This high-grade aluminum is the reason why the chair is quite sturdy despite its light and portable structure. It is built to capably carry people who have a bodyweight that does not exceed 300 pounds.  Regardless of how it is used, and the number of people who use the chair, you are certain to get maximum benefit for every penny you invest in the purchase of this chair. 

The chair which comes in at a weight of just 15 pounds, can be carried easily during a trip. It can be folded into a very compact size, making it fit easily into the nylon pouch provided during purchase. The nylon pouch is very durable, as it is made from materials that are very resistant to pressure from constant use. The pouch straps are well padded to ensure comfortability for your shoulder muscles when you use it in carrying this massage chair.

Furthermore, the Earthlite Vortex chair is made for use by a large variety of body healing specialists, such as chiropractors, professional masseuses, physiotherapists, sports scientists, and so on. This chair can be used by people who are subjected to the sedentary lifestyle of an executive office, with its portable design. It can also be used as a massaging chair for professional sports athletes, to help them massage their sore muscles whilst in the sports training facility.


✅ It is easily stored away with its compact, foldable design.
✅ Easy movement from place to place due to the portable size.
✅ A rugged, stylish carrying pouch is provided.
✅ It comes with a lifelong warranty


❌ It can only be manually operated
❌ The massage pads are non-removable

Benefits of Purchasing a massage chair under $1000

Massage chairs do not exactly come cheap since you need to make a huge initial investment. This deters many individuals from purchasing the massage chair they desire. However, there are tons of benefits attached to having massage chairs, and some of them include: 

It aids in reducing anxiety and stress while enhancing alertness and productivity 

Massage helps in reducing stress by lowering the blood pressure, heart rate, insulin levels, and cortisol level. It also releases dopamine and serotonin, which assists the body in dealing with short-term and chronic stress. 

It Enhances Your Mood 

Having a good massage chair to offer you a great massage when you want can in releasing the feel-good chemicals in your body known as endorphins. This can help in balancing your mood, among other benefits. 

It Lets You Sleep Better 

Massage therapy helps to enhance the levels of serotonin in your body. This is then converted to melatonin by the brain, which is a sleep hormone. In essence, having a regular massage from a massage chair can help enhance your night sleep. 

It enhances your Cardiovascular Health

Long term research has proven that massage can act as a great way to lower blood pressure and stress. These two factors are mainly responsible for heart diseases in a person. In addition, massage has been proven to drastically minimize heart rate and blood pressure in women dealing with hypertension. 

According to another study, it was observed that massage therapy might minimize anxiety, muscular tension, and pain in cardiac surgery patients. 

Deal with Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is responsible for worldwide disability. Around one in ten individuals suffer from lower back pain, and it may become a severe condition for those who suffer from it. 

According to a study recently carried out, it was observed that massage could provide long-term relief for chronic lower back pain. This means that if you are suffering from chronic back pain, a massage chair right in your home can make your life more bearable.

Minimizes Headaches 

Tension headaches are usually as a result of tight neck, poor posture, and continuous strain to the eye. Massage can help enhance the flow of blood and loosen tight muscles. These will help in reducing the tension and pain, which in turn, eradicate headaches. 

Triggers Creativity 

Massage helps you relax and think, thus opening your mind. You will be able to think in a clearer manner and see things from a perspective you couldn’t before. Depending on the kind of job you do, this can be a great problem-solving benefit. This benefit is associated with the release of the hormones endorphins, dopamine,  serotonin, and the reduction of cortisol, which is a stress-causing hormone. 

Revive the Romance

Anxiety, depression, and chronic stress all lead to sexual dysfunction and reduced libido. Although there have been no studies carried out to associate massage therapy to enhancing sexual desire disorder, massage has proven to reduce stress drastically by minimizing cortisol levels. Since cortisol also reduces testosterone which is the hormone that has the most influence on the sex drive, massage indirectly enhances your sexual life. So get on your massage chair, get a good massage, rid yourself of stress, and awaken your romance once more. 

Enhances Mobility 

Massage has been proven to enhance your flexibility and other kinds of motion by working on the joints, connective tissues, muscles, and tendons. It also aids in stimulating blood flow, keeping your joints fluid and less prone to injuries. 

It Enhances Immunity

There has been research which shows that massage may make the immune system stronger. This is particularly intensified during the cold months. Massage therapy enhances the activity level of the white blood cells in the body, which are responsible for fighting viruses. The increase in the activity of these cells is also due to a reduction of cortisol, which is known to destroy natural killer cells. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Massage Chair 

There is a range of factors you need to consider in order to find the best massage chair for you. This is because failing to do so can leave you with a massage chair that you will be unable to use. 

Before buying a massage chair, the following are a few things to consider: 

Determine Your Needs 

Knowing your requirements are of utmost importance. These chairs cost a good amount of money, so this means you need to determine your long-term requirements. You may also need to determine if other individuals in your home may use the massage chair with time. 

When you can determine your needs, you will be able to streamline your options and pick the chair that best suits you. 

After you have determined your needs, then you may look into the factors below. 


Massage chairs are not cheap, so you will want to ensure your investment is secure. This means you need to go with a massage chair that offers the right warranty. Various chairs offer different warranties, and while some chairs come with warranties for a fee, others come free of charge.

In addition, some warranties may last for a year, while some may last for more. Ensure you do comprehensive research on the warranty and terms attached before you make a purchase. 

Chair Location 

Depending on the kind of massage chair you are hoping to purchase, you may need a lot of space to fit it in. Massage chairs are able to recline, and others come with leg rests that could stretch even further. In addition, there are chairs that need a distance of around 6 to 7 feet from the wall. This means you need to consider where you want to place the chair in your home, and if you have the space to accommodate it. 


Of course, you want something that is going to stand the test of time. Remember that a massage chair comes with various mobile parts, and the frequency of how it is used will determine how fast it deteriorates. If you go with a massage chair that is made of cheap materials, you will need to change it in no time. 

This means you need to keep an eye out for a heavy-duty and durable massage chair. Ensure you take a look at the materials that were used in the production of the chair. Are they high quality or cheap looking? Remember that the quality of the materials has a lot of influence on how long the chair will last. 


This part of the massage chair functions for kneading, rolling, or tapping movements. The type of material used in creating the roller and the way the roller is shaped is useful for determining the way it moves and the kind of experience you enjoy from your massage. Rollers in massage chairs help to work on the back, neck, and feet of a person. Take a look at the rollers, the shape and size to determine the experience you will get and if it suits your requirements. 


In order to get a compression massage, airbags inflate and deflate. The more the capacity of the airbags to inflate, the more powerful the compression it offers. In most instances, you can alter the level of compression. It is possible to install airbags all over the massage chair, but they are normally used on the arms, legs, and other parts the rollers can’t reach. 

Airbag massage can help enhance circulation, which can minimize inflammation. It can also hasten the speed at which you recover when you suffer from a muscle strain. This is a very handy feature to look out for wand consider when trying to purchase a massage chair. 

Built-in Heater

There are massage chairs that leverage heat to calm sore muscles and offer comfort. Head helps in improving the flow of blood, which minimizes recovery time and helps you to maximize the benefits that the massage offers. 

The combination of heat with massage also makes it more relaxing and restful. Heat can be used in various aspects of a massage chair. Lots of massage chairs come with in-built heaters in the waist region. 

When heat is applied to the back and waist, it targets many problematic regions. Heat exudes, so when a waist heater is built in the massage chair, it can offer warmth right from the hips to the shoulders. On the other hand, there are some heaters that aim at the feet. 

When selecting a massage chair that comes with a heat feature, ensure that where it is situated in the massage chair, is in line with the part of your body that you would want to benefit from heat treatment. 

Zero-Gravity Chairs

This means the chair has the capacity to recline. When a chair recline, it means the whole body is placed on a similar level of the heart, and this minimizes inflammation in the lower part of the body. 

When a chair is in a reclined position, it is comfortable for the user, and when this is combined with a massage, it can bring about more comforting and relaxing outcomes. Lots of massage chairs also come with very fluffy cushions, which enhance the comfort offered by the chair. This can aid in making the massage more intense. 

Control Settings

Massage chairs come with various means of altering the controls. There are chairs that have a control panel built-in, while others come with remote control. The control on the massage chairs should come with huge buttons that are easy to read. If it has a display screen, it could also show the selected settings. 

If you want something that gives you control of the settings while maintaining a reclined and relaxed position, going with a massage chair that has handheld remotes is a much better option. On the downside, it is easy to misplace these kinds of remotes. 

However, you have the option of choosing a massage chair with corded remotes. These types of remotes are attached to a pouch or built-in pocket, which keeps the remote in place. This way, you can be certain to locate it whenever you need it.


Having a massage chair in your home is something that can offer you numerous benefits. Above, we have covered some of the best options on the market. If you are in search of a massage chair that is affordable and does not compromise on quality, any of the options above would do just fine.