Best GPS Tracker for Cars with No monthly fee

As a driver, you deal with tons of dangers on the road. An excellent way to keep yourself and your loved ones from having first-hand experience with any of these dangers is using a great gps tracker for car no monthly fee. 

These devices are not difficult to use, and anyone can get around it even without any form of technical experience. The instant you create an account on the website of the manufacturer, you can sync all of the data you have inputted just by switching on the device. 

Besides, many trackers come with applications for your smartphone, which allows you to see where the tracker is in real-time. Those that don’t offer a real-time view will enable you to see the location of the tracker after a specific period. 

Some trackers can be attached to the frame of your vehicle with the help of a magnet, while others can be placed in the glove compartment of your car. There are also more advanced options that can connect to the diagnostic system of your vehicle. 

Depending on your requirements, some trackers offer a paid monthly fee and those that let you use their services for free. Both of these come with a variety of alternatives for anyone looking to get a GPS tracker for car no monthly fee. This can make it very confusing to choose one that is ideal for you. 

However, we have done all of the hard work for you and put together some of the best GPS trackers you can find in the market that comes without a monthly fee. But first, let us take a look at some of the benefits of buying a Car GPS tracker no monthly fee


Best GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fee

Vyncs GPS Tracker

gps tracker no monthly fee

The Vyncs GPS tracker provides users with numerous features and amazing user feedback. All of these ensure that you can go through the information put together by the computer on the vehicle. You have the chance to do this using Vync’s software package, which you can get without any cost from the website of this manufacturer. In addition to this, you get web-based support, which ensures problems can be fixed quickly without any delay. 

You can use the computer or smartphone app to track the route and top speed of every trip. Every 3 minutes the car runs, the device updates the location of the car to ensure you stay abreast of the present location. Even when the car is switched off, the device keeps on transmitting its location every 30 minutes. This is because of the OBD port of the device, that helps it stay on round the clock. 

It is also possible to tell if the device has been disconnected and plugged in later. This is a handy feature that can be of help to you if you have kids who drive your vehicle or drivers in a fleet. You can easily tell if any of them disconnected the device and took an unauthorized stop. 

The Vyncs vehicle tracker does not need any monthly subscription fee and is available in more than 30 countries. Besides, it supports both 2G and 3G connections. To ensure secure driving, it comes with an Accelerometer Chip, which lets you know about this the instant you get a SIM card that comes with a year’s data plan and service. 


✅ The device lets you know every time the vehicle is turned on. It also keeps you updated on all of the vehicle’s movement until it is turned off once more. 
✅ It sends in alerts anytime the vehicle leaves a specific location.
✅ All trips are separated using various time stamps all through its duration. 
✅ The tacker can track the overall number of miles traveled 
✅ You get free and excellent connectivity that is free of charge during the first year of purchase.


❌ There are times when the results are not accurate 
❌ It sometimes has a slow response rate 

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VYNCS Premium Tracker VPOBDGPS2

vyncs gps tracker

This is another excellent product from VYNCS.  The VPOBDGPS2 comes with a barrage of features that are certainly going to be beneficial to any user. Installation is easy for anyone as it does not need any form of complex wiring. All you need to do is plug it straight into your car’s available OBD outlet. 

This device is free to use for the first year, as it is also a part of the purchase cost of the tracker. Every 3 minutes, you get updated regarding the whereabouts of the vehicle. The device also offers 60, 30- and 15-seconds updates, but if you want to enjoy it, then you may need to upgrade the device. 

You can buy a SIM card that comes with a data plan for a year, but you only need to pay to activate the network once. If you have teenage kids who drive, then this is an ideal device as it can allow you to set-up unauthorized locations, they won’t be allowed to go.

Also, you can set it up to receive notifications whenever they arrive at their destination. This ensures you stay abreast of all of their movements and activities, thus encouraging safety. It is also very easy to access the data as the web browser, and application that comes with it ensures this is possible.

Lastly, the device also offers an emergency SOS feature, which allows you to call for help when you need to. This means you won’t need to fidget if your vehicle breaks down on the road since help will be on its way when this takes place.  


✅ It can be used on both Android and IOS devices via its website.
✅ The device can be installed with ease.
✅ It comes at an affordable price. 
✅ You get a notification when the tracker is unplugged and plugged.
✅ You enjoy a 24/7 call center support from Vsyncs to help out with roadside assistance.


❌ It does not offer remote start of vehicles using the smartphone application
❌It is impossible to use Wi-Fi to connect to your phone while driving

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GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

car tracking device no monthly fee

The GPSit1000BZL vehicle GPS tracker is another amazing tracker with excellent features. It offers you real-time insights that you can use to monitor your vehicle’s stop time, alerts, events, trips, mileage, and so on. 

The device can run using the typical vehicle power of 12V and 24V. This means it can work with almost all kinds of vehicles. It sports three sets of inputs that you can configure to determine the state of the sensors, while the two output helps you control accessories. 

Also, it is very easy to install this device, and this can be down in less than a minute. All you need to do is to plug it in the OBD port using a 2-wire configuration. What’s more, you can install it using the 3-wire configuration, and get the best out of the tracker. 

As regards precise location updates, the GPSit1000BZL vehicle GPS tracker is also your best bet. Similar to the Vyncs GPS tracker, it sends you a location update every 2 minutes after you turn on the engine of the vehicle. However, when it is turned off, you get an update every few hours. 

To install the unit, you can place it under the dashboard of the vehicle. If this is not suitable for you, then it is possible to install it in other locations that have the ignition, power, and ground cables. All you need to do is make certain that the label side is downwards facing, and there is no metal plate obstruction. This is because it can obstruct signals from the GPS. 


✅ It gives you the chance to monitor your speed. 
✅ The customer service is excellent.
✅If you have a basic knowledge of electricity, this tracker can easily be installed. 
✅Its alert system is fantastic.


❌ The instructions regarding setting up and navigation are not as detailed as they could be. This could be problematic when you want to set it up as you may have to do some trial and error. 

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TkstarGps Tracker TK915

gps tracker for car no monthly fee

This tracker is an extremely popular one. It is known for its ability to offer almost accurate vehicle location information and real-time GPS tracking. With this tracker, putting up geographic fences or boundaries is extremely easy. This is especially easy if your desire is to be notified when your vehicle is leaving a particular area in real-time. 

It has a very reliable 10000mAh rechargeable battery life. This battery can last up 120 days on standby mode after a full charge, making it one of the most reliable options you can find. In addition to this, it has an IPX6 waterproof design, which means even if you fit in the tracker outside your vehicle, you don’t have to bother about damage from water and moisture. 

Also, the tracker can attach itself to the metal exterior of vehicles with the help of the six powerful magnets it comes with. For additional security, the tracker comes with an induction sensor on its magnetic side. This sensor instantly sends you a notification when someone tries to detach the tracker from the vehicle. 

This tracker offers you the capacity to easily track your vehicle in the event of a theft as it offers close to accurate results. And like other options we have discussed so far, you don’t need to pay any monthly fees to use this tracker. Other notable features of this device include speed alert, movement alert, low battery warning, and voice monitor. 


✅ It has an excellent battery life 
✅ Once the tracker is detached from the vehicle or moved to another location, you get a notification and an alarm ring. 
✅ The application can store driving history lasting six months 
✅ There are an android and Web application that offers improved tracking performance. 


❌ The manual could have been more elaborate. It does not come attached to a complete SMS command list. 

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Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Spytec STI Vehicles GPS Tracker

hidden gps tracker no monthly fee

This is a tracker that sports an excellent design. It is waterproof, which means you can install it in the exterior parts of your vehicle without having to bother about weather damage. This is made further possible with the in-built 5pcs magnet aid alongside flexible mounting, which lets you attach it to every kind of vehicle. 

However, if you want to leverage all that this device offers at its peak capacity, you may need to buy a separate SIM card. It offers amazing battery support, which can function on standby mode for as long as 60 days. 

It comes with apps for both iOS and Android devices, which you can get in their respective online stores. With the application, you can get an SMS notification through coordinates from Google Maps or a web browser alongside the present 2G GPRS/GSM network. 

When you purchase this device, you get a micro-SIM adapter, USB cable, carry bag, eject pin, and user manual. There is no monthly fee charged with this device, and some of its features include a movement alarm, Geo-fence, and real-time LBS positioning. 


✅ It provides a record of daily routes 
✅ It has a battery life of a whopping 60 days when on standby mode 
✅ It can offer precise locations 
✅ It is extremely easy to set-up
✅ The device is waterproof, which means it can conveniently stay in hidden locations outside the vehicle. 
✅ It has a very strong magnet, which allows it to be easily attached to any location. 


❌ The instruction manual is not easy to understand 
❌ The device only uses 3G network SIM cards 

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GeoZilla GPS Tracker

best car gps tracker no monthly fee

The GeoZilla GPS is a tracker that is very easy to set up. All you need to do is connect it with your vehicle. The instant you finish with the first set-up, you can monitor your vehicle infinitely without the need for extra expenses. 

Unlike other options, this tracker gives you the chance to connect your vehicle with other devices. Your ability to survive dangerous situations is elevated as the device comes with an GeoZilla GPS feature that can note if you need any roadside assistance after an accident. This will ensure that the necessary experts can find you and get you the treatment you desire. 

Do you use an IOS or Android device? Then it is not a problem as the device offers an application that can function on both. With the application, you can determine the present state of your car and fix other minor problems. Some of these include checking the cause of your engine light on from your vehicle at any moment. 

That’s not all, as the application can offer you important insights regarding the way you drive and how it is affecting your vehicle. If you are in search of a tracker that transforms your vehicle into a smart one, then this tracker is the ideal choice for you. 


✅ The device has the capacity to inform you of your driving habits
✅ Installation is a breeze and does not require technical expertise 
✅ The information collected by the device is private, and only you can access it. You don’t have to worry about this information falling in the hands of unauthorized third parties. 
✅ Its web interface is clean and easy to navigate. 


❌ Battery sometimes can not hold a  long charge.

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gps tracker without monthly fees

This is a tracker that comes with a barrage of options for every user. It works with 3G wireless networks, which are used to send information regarding your vehicle movement to your account. You then have the capacity to access this information using your computer or smartphone application. 

The tracker helps you monitor all of your vital attributes ranging from your vehicle health to your fuel economy. All of this information can help you ensure safe driving for you and your passengers. In addition to this, the Vyncs Premium sends you reminders to change your brake pads, oil, rotate tires, and do other forms of maintenance. All of these are determined based on the mileage provided and service intervals. 

It also lets you in on factory recall reminders about your vehicle, if any come up. All of these can help you save huge amounts of money which can be channeled to other areas. If you are a driver with a good score, you can also benefit from the insurance program Vyncs offers.

Lastly, you enjoy efficient roadside assistance from Vyncs in those situations that are extremely stressful, and you can’t handle on your own. Regardless of what your needs are, there is something in Vyncs that is ideal for you. 


✅ Installation is easy and does not require technical expertise. 
✅It does not require any monthly fees. 
✅You can set up the device to send you email notifications too.
✅Excellent support staff who can be accessed 24/7, and are willing to tend to your needs. 


❌G-force detection is extremely sensitive, and this can be a problem for some drivers.

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Amcrest Car GPS Tracker

vehicle tracking device no monthly fee

The Amcrest car tracker is a very affordable GPS tracker that does not compromise on quality. With this device, you can get real-time updates regarding where your vehicle is situated, information related to distance traveled, speed, and route map. 

It also has a Geo-Fencing system that lets you set an unauthorized virtual area and sends you alerts anytime your car enters or gets out of that area. This is beneficial if you have others driving your car or just want to keep an eye on your teenage kids. 

It also offers a fuel cut-off feature that lets you stop the flow of fuel from any location you are in. This is particularly beneficial in the event of a theft. What’s more, you get a notification on your smartphone when anybody tries to tamper with the attached GPS tracker. 

Still, even if it is disconnected or tampered with, the device comes with a backup battery that continues to track the vehicle and send notifications to your smartphone. This way, you can determine how grievous the situation is and call for help if needed. 


✅ When your car goes past the set speed limit of 120km/hour, you get an over-speed alarm. 
✅ The device can guaranty the location accuracy of fewer than 10 meters.
✅ It is dust and water-resistant, and this means you can use it for as long as possible even when attached to the exterior of your vehicle. 
✅ It functions with both 2G and 3G SIM cards. 
✅ The device comes with a range of features and can function for cars, buses, and even motorcycles.


❌ The tracker does not function when there is no cellular coverage. This means if your vehicle is stolen and taken into a location without coverage, you won’t be able to track it. 

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Spytec GL300MA GPS Tracker

This mini GPS tracker from Spytec is a great option for those who have an interest in keeping an eye on their vehicles, kids, and drivers. To use, you only have to download the Spytec application on your smartphone to gain insights regarding real-time locations. What’s more, it does not cost you anything to benefit from this feature. 

Every tracker comes with a different IMEI number, which you will use to log into the app and sync the device. You have the capacity to set-up the intervals for data upload depending on your preference. This could range from 30 seconds to 120 minutes, depending on what you prefer. 

It has a Geolocation feature that allows you to create a virtual fence to allow the tracker to let you know the instant the vehicle goes past this fence. Want more insight as to what is happening in your car? The tracker also offers a voice monitoring function that gives you the opportunity to do this. 

The device is very portable, and this small size ensures it can stay hidden without anyone noticing it. It also has a powerful magnet behind it, which allows it to attach seamlessly to all forms of metal and magnetic surfaces without any hassles. 

With a 2.5 week battery life, you can be sure that the tracker won’t go off during long journeys. Lastly, this tracker can save information regarding the movement of your vehicle for as long as a year. Then you can check out the stored information when convenient. 


✅ It has a powerful magnet behind which can be attached to any frame with ease. 
✅ The tracker can function alongside the Google Maps application. This further increases its performance. 
✅ It is extremely portable, which makes it easy to hide in the vehicle. 
✅ The battery can last for a long time 
✅ It offers an accurate location of your vehicle 
✅ The features are not hard to understand, and anyone can get the hang of it within a short period


❌ It does not come with a SIM card, as you need to purchase this separately. This can add to the expenses you have to incur. 
❌Unlike some of the other options we have covered so far, this device does not display the speed of the vehicle. 

VIFLYKOO Real-Time GPS Tracking System

The VIFLYKOO GPS tracker comes with a whooping battery size of 12000 mAh, which is much larger than others we have discussed on the list so far. This makes it an ideal option for taking extremely long trips as the battery can take the device for a full two months while been used. However, it can last for as long as a year on standby mode after a full charge. 

This outstanding battery life makes it a great choice for keeping tabs on drivers, teenage children, and your vehicle. You don’t need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the service offered by this platform. All you have to do is install the right application for your android or IOS device to enjoy all the features. 

This device is waterproof and can be attached to any part of the vehicle without having to worry about damage from water or moisture. However, if you want to enjoy the full benefits this device has to offer, you need a constant connection to a 2G network. It also comes with five powerful magnets which aid the tracker in sticking properly to any metal parts of your vehicle. 

In addition to these, you also enjoy a low battery alert, voice monitoring, and route replay feature. 


✅ The tracker is very compact and can fit inside the vehicle with ease 
✅ It has an IPX6 waterproof rating. 
✅ It has an outstanding battery size of 12000mAh. 


❌ It only functions on a 2G GSM network 

Benefits of Getting a hidden GPS tracker no monthly fee For your Car 

If you are not sure you should get a GPS tracking device, below are a few reasons why you really should: 

It Aids with Better Route Management 

With a GPS tracker for car no monthly fee, you can plan your travel route in a more effective manner. It lets you know those routes that are shorter and those that are congested. It will also let you know the amount of time it will take you to arrive at your destination. All of these make it faster to get to your destination more quickly. 

In addition, it means your car would be on the road less, which in turn reduces the wear and tear of the vehicle. With this feature, you can also enhance your productivity, and you channel the time you save yourself into other more profitable things. 

Reduced Fuel Consumption 

A car GPS tracker can help you keep your fuel consumption under control. Because you drive on roads with less congestion and take the shortest routes to your destination, you save yourself money from fuel. In addition to this, you help safeguard the earth from air pollution since you burn less fuel and leave a reduced amount of carbon footprint. 

Enhanced Safety and Security 

This is the primary benefit a car GPS tracker offers. It safeguards you from theft and allows you to track your vehicle when it is stolen. In addition, it gives you the chance to reach out for help when an accident or breakdown occurs. 

The majority of the car GPS trackers come alongside a car security system, which is attached with a GPS tracker, a car tracker app, and a group of sensors. This car tracker app may also come with an application that allows you to know when someone is trying to break into your vehicle. Some options also offer a remote engine shut down, which means you can turn off the car from any location you are in. 

Remote Control

Many car GPS trackers come with car tracking apps that let you turn off the engine of your car without you having to be there. There are also car security systems that offer remote door lock features. With this feature, you can lock the doors of your car if you detect a break-in. This means an intruder would be unable to open the doors of your vehicle from inside and outside. 

Quicker Emergency Response 

With a car GPS tracker, you can send out an SOS signal in the event you suffer a breakdown in a location that has no repair center. Some also come with features that come with features that you can use to reach out to an ambulance in the event of an accident. 

Some systems also do this automatically and send out the signal themselves some minutes after an accident. 

Benefits of GPS tracker with no monthly fee for Fleets 

Having a GPS car tracker is also beneficial if you have a fleet of vehicles for business purposes. If this is the case, you will want to install a car tracker on all your vehicles. 

The following are some of the other benefits you stand to gain by adding a Car GPS tracker to your fleet. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

When you use GPS trackers for your fleet, it makes sure that you are up-to-date with the status of any items you have in transit. With this information, you will be able to update your customers with the likely time their package will get to them. When a customer is satisfied, it translates to happiness, which, in turn, means more profit for you. 

Improved Workers Productivity 

With a GPS tracker, you can judge the productivity of the drivers in your fleet. You can get detailed information on where the vehicles stopped, their speed when they go for unauthorized breaks, among many others. All of these help you evaluate how well your driver is doing or if they are not performing as they should. 

Improved Business Operations 

When you have elaborate information about how your vehicles are functioning and their whereabouts, you will be able to control your business operations better.  This is because you will have all the needed information to make more controlled decisions. 

Enhanced Communication 

A typical fleet manager may have to call their drivers multiple times to determine where they are and how soon they will get to clients. This costs money and valuable time that could have been channeled to other aspects of the business. With a car GPS tracker, you can avoid all of these as you get real-time updates regarding the arrival and departure of your vehicle at every moment. 

Better Administration 

With a car GPS tracker, your administrative staff can be more productive as they don’t need to monitor and record fuel economy any longer. Everything regarding a trip is automatically done, freeing up your staff to do other things. 

Types of Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking systems come in two types, which are passive and active. Both of them come with their benefits and drawbacks, and we will be taking a look into these below. 


This style of GPS trackers for cars always transmits data using a satellite uplink. This implies that by merely clicking a button through an app or website, you can get real-time information. You can locate where the vehicle is located at that precise moment and view all of the places it has been. You can also determine if it has gone past any speed limits or stopped at locations that were restricted. However, many of these types of trackers require you to pay subscription fees to access the satellite networks. 


  • There are many benefits to using an active GPS tracking device which are: 
  • You can tell where the car is at any point, and not only when it gets back. 
  • This form of tracking device can be used to track your vehicle by the police if it is ever stolen. 
  • You don’t have to be bothered about if the device can function with your computer. This is because you get updates via the internet. 
  • The active tracking system is convenient because you don’t have to physically take out the tracking device from the car to plug in a computer. 


  • You will need to pay a subscription fee to get data from your active tracker.
  • In most instances, you will be required to plug the active device in a port inside your vehicle. This may not be as hidden as you would want. 
  • If it does not come alongside technology, you will only get real-time data. This implies that you will only see the location the car is presently, not where it has been.


A passive tracker does not send out any data. As opposed to this, it will stay connected to the GPS satellite network above the earth to store all the vehicle movements within. In essence, you need to get the device out of your vehicle physically and connect it to your tablet or laptop. Then you can download the data to get the history of where the vehicle has been. 

The major drawback of the passive GPS tracker is that you don’t get information in real-time. Also, this type of tracker can’t help you find a vehicle when it is missing. Still, it is much cheaper than the passive GPS trackers and does not come with a monthly subscription fee, as you will find on many Active style trackers. 


  • These types of GPS trackers come with some benefits, which include: 
  • It is the least complicated type of device, which makes it easy to learn and use 
  • The data is not stored on your device directly, and this means you don’t have to bother about keeping the device linked to a receiver. All that is required of you is to download the information when you have the time. 
  • Many passive devices can survive various weather conditions because they come in a weatherproof casing. This means you can attach them to the exterior or in the interior of your vehicle. 
  • The passive devices don’t need a monthly subscription. Also, you don’t have to pay any fees after you make the purchase. This makes them more budget-friendly than active trackers. 


Like the active trackers, passive tracker also has a few downsides. Some of these are: 

  • Data is not provided to you in real-time. The implication of this is that you have to wait until the vehicle gets back before you can find it out. 
  • This kind of device can’t be of assistance to the police if your vehicle is stolen. This is because it does not stay connected to a receiver. 
  • Some devices can’t function on all operating systems and computers due to compatibility issues. 
  • You will need to get the device out of your vehicle physically in order to get the information out. This can be very inconveniencing. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Car GPS Tracker

Like we have covered earlier, many of the GPS trackers for vehicles work by sending a signal to a software on your computer or smartphone. It then displays different information depending on the type of package you are using. 

GPS trackers are not as expensive as they once were, and this is due to the development of technology. However, there is still a range of factors you need to consider before you buy a car GPS tracker to ensure you end up with the right options for your needs. 

Below are some of these major options: 


A great GPS tracker is one that you can install without any hassle. By going with this option, you save yourself time and money you would have invested in hiring the services of an expert. There are units that you can plug under the dash of your vehicle without having to deal with any complex installation. However, the type of vehicle you drive also has a lot of influence on how easy your installation is as well. 

Ease of Usage 

All GPS trackers come with programs in their interface. However, some of these programs are more complex than others. This means you want to look for an option that is easy to get around and understand. It should come with an easy to use interface so that you are any member of your family can get around to using it even without any technical experience. 

Tracking Performance 

Your reason for getting a tracker is to track your vehicle, so it should come with a lot of features that support this. All trackers come with various levels of tracking performance, with some more superior than the others. These range from real-time tracking, route history, alerts and notifications, and so on. Some offer more features than the others, which makes them more functional than the other options you can find on the market. 


Similar to anything you want to purchase, the price is a major consideration. The average cost of a -GPS tracker falls from $25 to as high as $200. This makes it necessary to put a budget in place before you begin your search for your ideal GPS tracker. 

In addition to the basic price of purchasing the device, you also need to consider the various fees attached to the device. Some come with a monthly fee to enjoy the services while others offer you these services without any monthly fee. So you need to do your research to determine what works for you and your budget. 


Do you have to plug in the device to a source of power in your vehicle? Or does it have a battery of its own? Various devices come with different modes of getting power, so you need to determine the option that works for you.

If you are choosing one that you can connect to your device, this means you don’t have to worry about replacing any batteries. However, this probably means it won’t function if your vehicle isn’t running. 

If you would rather go with the battery option, you need to determine how long the battery lasts after a charge or when you need to replace the batteries. You don’t want to be stuck with a tracker that can’t last long trips, especially if that is how you are going to be spending your time. 

Since both options have their benefits and downsides, you need to go with an option that suits your requirements. 


You don’t want to purchase a tracker that is going to pack up without warning. If you are going to purchase a tracker that will be attached to the outer body of your vehicle, you will want to go with one that can withstand various factors that come with the weather like dust, water, and so on. Note that GPS trackers that offer many of these may be more expensive than other options that don’t. 


Before you purchase a GPS tracker, you need to find out if it is compatible with the kind of vehicle you drive. This is very vital because if you chose an option that is not compatible with your vehicle, it wouldn’t be able to perform at peak level. Sometimes, issues with compatibility may have a negative impact on the performance of your vehicles. 


Your GPS Tracker is going to collect a huge amount of your personal data that have to do with your trips. This means you need to go through the level of security the application provides. You also need to determine the level of encryption the vendor of your service offers. All of these are important to ensure your information does not fall into the wrong hands. 

Data Refresh Rate 

This has to do with how often your tracker app refreshes the data point. The more frequently your app refreshes data point, the more likely your GPS device provides you with precise real-time information. With a great refresh rate, you can leverage geo-fence alerts, and you will get a notification the instant your car goes past a geo-fence. 

Other Features

There are GPS trackers that offer various features that make them function more effectively than others. Some of these devices come with features that let parents track their kids to ensure they drive safely. Some of these features are daily reports, curfew hours, local details, and route history. 


The number of vehicles on the road are continuously on the rise. Many of these have also led to the rise of inexperienced drivers, causing traffic jams, damage to the road, and an increased number of accidents. In fact, more and more people are losing their lives due to road accidents. However, this is not all; there is also a rise in road crimes and theft. All of these make it more than necessary to install a car GPS tracker in your vehicle. This little device can make your life much easier. Any of the options we have covered above can help meet your requirements.