Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

Camping is no doubt a lot of fun. It is usually a perfect opportunity to stay free and safe from the worries associated with everyday life. If you are looking for the best motorcycle camping tent this article is for you.

While camping is supposed to keep you free from worries, it can sometimes be a significant cause of concern. The time spent in an outdoor camp might be so much fun. However, the time spent preparing for camping might not be as much fun. This is because before going camping, lots of people spend a lot of time preparing for a hitch-free time in camp and trying to put things in place to prevent any unwanted situations.

If you are going camping with your bike, then you will need to worry a lot more than the average person that is going camping. You need to come up with a perfect way to keep your motorcycle safe through the night. 

Will you be going camping with your motorcycle and are not sure of where to keep your motorcycle? If yes, you are on the right page. This article contains the best motorcycle camping tents as well as the things to look out for when purchasing a motorcycle camping tent.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Camping Tent

If you have plans of purchasing a motorcycle tent in the nearest future, there are certain factors you must put into consideration before buying a motorcycle camping tent. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.

Look Out for Size

One of the most important things to look out for when shopping for a motorcycle camping tent is the size. The size of the tent is a strong determinant of the size of the motorcycle you can take camping. Although it is excellent to buy a motorcycle camping tent that is relatively big, when shopping for a motorcycle camping tent, you should not buy one that is too big as you will need to move it around frequently.

While buying a tent of the right size, one way to ensure that you always make the right decision is to think about your sleeping area, the space needed to store your gears, as well as the space for storing your bike. While the number of people that will be in your tent is something you should think about, it is just one part of the things you need to consider when thinking of the right tent size.


Your tent will not be mounted at one point permanently. It is something that you will move around very frequently. With this in mind, you have to consider the weight of a motorcycle camping tent when buying one.

The material that a tent is made with is a strong determinant of what its weight will be. So, when thinking of buying a very lightweight tent, you should opt for a tent made from fiberglass over a tent made from aluminum. This is because tents made from fiberglass are lighter than tents made from aluminum. If, however, you prefer strength over lightweight, you should go for a tent made from aluminum over one made from fiberglass as tents made from aluminum are stronger than those made from fiberglass.


A lot of times, tents are hot. This means you will always need a way of passing out the heat being produced in the tent. 

To pass out heat from the tent very efficiently, you will need a tent that comes with excellent ventilation. With the right level of ventilation, you will be able to keep the interior of your tent comfortable and fresh conveniently.

Check out some of our favorite motorcycles available.

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent


Vuz Moto 12-Foot

motorcycle tent

This motorcycle camping tent was built to keep you protected from the elements. If you own the Vuz Moto 12-Foot, you will not have to worry about torrential rainfalls, chilly afternoons, and string winds. 

This camping tent is not just very protective from the elements; it also features ample storage space, which is large enough for three people. In addition to being large, this motorcycle camping tent is high. Due to this, you do not always have to bend when sleeping in it. You can choose to stand up straight.

The space in the Vuz Moto 12-Foot motorcycle camping tent is both perfect for housing people and storing instruments for your expenditure. Furthermore, due to the design of this camping tent, you are free to move your motorcycle in right after the day’s task. You do not have to wait for it to get cool if you lack patience for such. The reason for this is it features a large venting system, which will ensure that there is adequate ventilation.


✅ It is sturdy
✅ It has a waterproof design
✅ It is spacious


❌ It is a little more expensive than other alternatives

Marmot Orbit 4P

motorcycle camping tent

Marmot Orbit 4P comes with a removable vestibule and an integrated canopy front porch, which provides you with all the storage you need for your motorcycle. It also provides good shelter which makes it very relaxing after a whole day spent in the mountains.

When in this camping tent, you do not need to worry about the effect on the elements as Marmot Orbit 4P comes with weatherproof seams, as well as a taped Catenary cut floor which can keep you protected from the impact of the weather.


✅ It keeps you protected from the elements
✅ It provides adequate storage space
✅ It is durable


❌ It is a little more expensive than other alternatives

Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent

motorcycle tents Produced by Big Agnes, Big House 6 is a motorcycle tent that has a reputation for being very affordable and for being a top-performing motorcycle tent simultaneously. This motorcycle tent was designed with comfort in mind. Due to this, it is one motorcycle tent you must consider if comfort is one of the features you look out for when shopping for a motorcycle tent.

Big Agnes Big House 6 is made with polyester and is, therefore, able to keep your bike protected from the elements. In addition to this, it has multiple closure alternatives.

When passing the night in this motorcycle camping tent, you might not get the same level of comfort you get while passing the night in your house, you, however, will not miss your bedside tables as your bin pockets can play the role of bedside tables.


✅ Sleeps up to 6 people
✅ It is comfortable


❌ Not as easy to put together.

The North Face Wawona 6

motorcycle camping tents This motorcycle camping tent is large and is good enough to house up to 6 people conveniently. In addition to being able to accommodate up to six people comfortably, it can also house two motorcycles. 

This motorcycle camping tent can be assembled and disassembled very easily. It is also waterproof. You, therefore, will not need to worry about your motorcycle being affected by water.

Beyond its quality, the North Face Wawona 6 is a motorcycle tent that gives you a bit of luxury. This motorcycle tent has a design that does not only let you enjoy proper ventilation, and also makes it possible for you to have a fantastic view of the environment you have camped without needing to step out of your camping tent.

The North Face Wawona 6 is not the lightest of the motorcycle tents available. What it can’t offer in weight, it, however, offers in durability. When you buy this motorcycle camping tent, you can be sure you will not be buying another one any time soon as it is long-lasting.


✅ It offers you a great view of the environment
✅ It is long-lasting


❌ It is not lightweight

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr

best tent for motorcycle camping

The Zephyr tent was created by Alps to meet the needs of motorcycle owners that enjoy camping. This motorcycle camping tent is one that can be set up quickly. This implies that if you are new to motorcycle camping tents, you will not have any frustration trying to set this up. Due to the ease with which the Alps mountaineering Zephyr can be set up, you will not need to devote all your time in setting it up. You, therefore, will have more time to put other things in place in camp.

This motorcycle camping tent is one you can rely on to keep your motorcycle safe from water and UV damage. This is because it features entry and living area that is sealed. This is in addition to ample ventilation, which is possible because of the many mesh walls it comes with.


✅ It can be set up very easily
✅ It keeps your motorcycle protected from UV and water damage


❌ It may not last as long as other competitors.

CATOMA 64598F Lightweight Switchback

best motorcycle tent

Will you be passing the weekend out of your house and are looking to purchase a motorcycle tent that is reputable for lightweight, then, this motorcycle tent will be a good one for you. 

Featured by CATOMA 64598F lightweight switchback is a dual-vestibule and a dual-door design that makes entry and exits very easy. It also features ample space, which makes it possible to store some of your valuables in the motorcycle tent. That’s not all; it features a two-wall design that keeps your merchandise protected from the weather. It also can be set up very easily.


✅ It is lightweight
✅ It comes with ample storage space


❌ It may not last as long as other competitors.

Nemo Dagger 2

motorcycle tent camping

This motorcycle camping tent features DAC Featherlite poles, which goes a long way in making it voluminous. Nemo Dagger 2 is one tent that you can move around easily as it is very lightweight.

You do not need to be a professional at setting up motorcycle camping tents before successfully setting up this tent. The reason for this is it features color-coded panels that go a long way in making it easy for you to assemble, as well as disassemble it.

The temperature in this motorcycle camping tent can be regulated very quickly because of the 15-denier nylon and mesh sidewalls that it comes with. The implication of this is you can feel comfortable in this tent even if you find yourself in a climate that is not so comfortable.


✅ Can be assembled and disassembled easily
✅ It is lightweight
✅ It can be used in unfriendly weather conditions.


❌ It is pricier than some other competitors.

Lone Rider Mototent V2

Lone Rider Mototent V2 might be lightweight; however, it is very durable. It is not just any motorcycle camping tent as it was designed by motorcyclists. This means you can be confident that you will get lots of amazing features if you purchase this motorcycle camping tent.

This motorcycle camping tent features a wind-tunnel design that can be trusted to provide ample protection to your motorcycle, as well as other valuables in your camping tent.

The Lone rider moto tent V2 weights 12 pounds. This, therefore, makes it one of the lightest motorcycle camping tents available.

Some fantastic features of this camping tent are a huge vestibule sleeping compartment that offers ample space for storage and a waterproof design. It also features a detachable inner tent. The presence of a removable inner tent makes it possible for bike riders to fix their motorcycles without any fear of being affected by the elements. This feature might not seem like much. It, however, is a great feature to look out for if you will be spending your time out of the house when the elements are not so favorable.


✅ It is lightweight
✅ It is durable
✅ It comes with excellent storage space
✅ It is perfect for environments which bad weather conditions.


❌ It is pricey

Crua Core Dome Tent

The Crua core dome tent is huge. Beyond just being big, it is one of the biggest motorcycle camping tents in the market. While being huge is a great strong point for this motorcycle camping tent, it is one that ensures there is continuous airflow as it is made with breathable polyester material.

When in this tent, you do not have to worry about pets as its B3 bug mesh keeps it free from pests. Furthermore, it has an outer layer that is UV and water-resistant. You can, therefore, be sure that your motorcycle will be very safe once it’s in this camping tent.