Best Disc Golf Shoes

The game of Disc golf is a simple sport to play. To actively engage in the sport, you would need to purchase just a few things: the discs, the duffel bag for carrying them, a couple of beautiful clothes, and a pair of shoes. Below are some of the Best Disc Golf Shoes available in the market today.

In disc golf, the kind of shoes you wear play quite a significant role. The shoes give you the freedom to move about with ease and enhance your overall performance. The need for a good pair of disc golf shoes cannot be overemphasized. 

However, due to the various brands available on the market today, choosing the best disc golf shoes can be very confusing, especially for newbies. For this reason, we have listed out some of the best options you can find on the market today. Let’s take a look at their features alongside a few pros and cons of each product. And by the time you are through, you will be able to choose an option that suits your requirements. 

Best Disc Golf Shoes Review  

 KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

The KEEN Targhee II is among the most sought-after disc golf shoes. It is the perfect disk golf shoe for people who are new to hiking. The shoe has a traditional design despite having a professional look.

This shoe is attractive, with a perfect blend of colors associated with the autumn season. It is very durable, with the upper shoe part made from nubuck leather, which is water-resistant. It comes in both shoe and boot versions.

For disc golfing, the shoe version is a better alternative as it is lighter.

KEEN is widely known for manufacturing shoes that are waterproof, and they didn’t disappoint with these shoes either. All of their shoes have an outer water membrane that prevents water from getting inside, as the water is drained out. The upper leather part of the disk golf shoe is lined with hydrophobic mesh, which keeps your feet cool and dry. It also makes the shoe look stylish. 

In comparison with the price tags of other disc golf shoes, this brand is quite on the high side. But the extra cost is because of the stylish look and technical features it comes with.

If you stay in the tropics, this shoe is an ideal option as the rainy season takes up a more significant part of the year. The water-resistant mesh is a blessing, but your feet could get sweaty during the summer.

The shoe is ideal for use on any terrain as it has an excellent grip courtesy of the multi-directional 4mm lugs.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • The product is very durable
  • Regardless of the terrain, it provides an excellent grip
  • It has an upper leather part that is water-resistant.


  • It is not ideal for use in the summertime.
  • It is rather heavyweight.

Disc Golf Shoe Latitude 64 Chain Wear T-Link 

The Latitude 64-disc golf shoes are specially made for use during a game of disc golf. The company behind the manufacturing of these shoes did a lot of research into the game and came out with shoe models equipped with features that enhance a disc golfer performance. 

The shoe has an outer sole that has a good grip on any terrain and is highly resistant to water. The shoe interior is lined with soft foam, making it quite comfortable for the feet. The upper part, made from quality leather, is stylish and breathable.

Another feature of this shoe is that it is very light. It weighs just about 1 lb, which is like half the weight of the Merrell. This allows for free mobility around the length and breadth of the golf course. You are also able to use those techniques you have been practicing on to win a disc golf game.

The setback to the lightweight feature is that this shoe would not last a very time. When compared to other shoe brands that are also lightweight, like Puma, it is not made of sturdy materials.

Toe dragging could make the thread seams wear out. The low durability index of this shoe is a reflection of the affordable price tag.


  • The shoe is water-resistant and keeps the feet ventilated
  • The price tag is quite affordable
  • It is lightweight


  • The thread seams easily fall apart from rigorous use.

Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R2 GTX

The Adidas Men’s Terrex Swift is a perfect blend of the boots used by hikers and shoes used by professional athletes. This seamless blend of features is why it is our number one pick.

The shoe has a firm grip and excellent traction thread irrespective of the type of surface it is used. This is because the outer sole is made from a Traxion rubber. The sole is also waterproof due to its outer membrane. This means you can enjoy disc golfing during rainy and sunny conditions.

The middle part of the sole is made of lightweight EVA foaming, which provides a soft, cushioned base for your feet. This product also has its own unique ADIPRENE shoe insert. When it comes to shock absorption, this shoe ranks very high.

This product is among the lightest of the Adidas brand of disc golf shoes. It comes in at a weight of approximately one pound and thirteen ounces. The weight does not make it ideal for long-distance hiking, but if you consider the type of terrain you would be covering, the lightweight feature is a big plus.


✅ It offers an excellent grip irrespective of the weather
✅ It is tough despite its lightweight
This product is entirely water-resistant
✅ The price tag is reasonably affordable


❌ The feet breaking in duration is quite long

Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex AX2R

Golf Disk Shoes

The Men’s Terrex AX2R is another product from Adidas and shares a lot of similarities with our number one pick. This model is extremely lightweight as it comes in at a weight of 14 ounces. Even though this product was explicitly targeted at the people who engage in hiking, but disc golfers can use it.

If you play disc golf on terrains that are rough or uneven, this shoe is suitable. It is an all-weather shoe, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged regardless of the weather. What makes it ideal is the fact that it can be used for trekking long distances due to the durable construction.

The midsole of this shoe is lightweight and is stuffed with EVA form cushioning. The foot is protected by the uniquely designed ADIPRENE shoe insert, which also helps to absorb shocks.

It has an outline made from Traxion rubber, which makes it have excellent grip and traction regardless of the surface. Your feet feel comfortable and get a better fitting during a game with the provided molded sock liner.

However, it is best to consider your style of play before you purchase this shoe. If your desire is for a disc shoe that would last a long time and is lightweight as well as been breathable, then this is undoubtedly an ideal option.


✅ The model is ideal for rough terrains.
✅ It is an all-weather shoe with excellent grip
✅ It is highly resistant to water
✅ The middle sole has the ADIPRENE shoe insert for absorbing shock.


❌ The shoelaces, if tied too tightly, could dig in on your foot. 

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Shoes For Disk Golf

The Merrell Men’s Moab is an ideal option for people who play the game of disc golf on terrains that are very rough, tough, muddy, and even rocky. A disc shoe that is durable, as well as being sturdy, is what is recommended for such terrains. The Merell disc shoe does an excellent job on such surfaces as it is highly resistant to water. 

If you worry about your feet getting “cooked,” the outer covering of this shoe is made from mesh material, making it reasonably breathable. This model has an excellent grip on steep slopes as well as wet, grassy conditions even without having spikes. This is courtesy of the prominent 5mm shoe lugs.

This shoe is popularly sought out by hikers in the market, because of the excellent traction they offer during hiking and the breathability factor. Your feet are kept cool and free from water and sweat with the leather design and mesh lining. For players who drag their toes during a game, a leather toe cap is part of the shoe’s design.

The best thing about this disk golf shoe is that it can withstand intense use on concrete surfaces. All this points to the inner EVA foam cushioning and high durability index. The foot heel and arch are given support during sudden falls as a result of this factor.


✅ The shoe is comfortable despite been quite tough
✅ It provides excellent overall support for the feet
✅ The model comes at an affordable price
✅ It has fantastic grip and traction


❌ The shoe is a little heavier that most. 

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

Shoes For Disk Golf


The Salomon disc golf shoe comes with fantastic grip and traction, making it a very fantastic product. It can be used without hassles on various kinds of terrains. 

It comes at a justifiable price as the product is durable and enhances performances. Cinching is not difficult as the lacing system is very quick to tie. The anti-debris mesh on the outer sole makes cleaning of this shoe easy, as it prevents dirt accumulation.

The toes are given maximum comfort courtesy of the rounded toe box design. In appearance, the shoes look bulky, but it is very light with a weight of just over ten ounces. The shoe comes in mostly small sizes, so you need to be careful.


✅ The shoe is very light.
✅Cleaning of the shoe is easy with the outer anti-debris mesh.
✅ The interior of the shoe is well-cushioned
✅ It is made to last a very long time with the quality shoe material.


❌ It is not ideal for use on rough terrains.
❌ Primarily made in narrow and small sizes, most people might not get their sizes.

How to pick the Best disc golf shoes

The shoes used in the game of disc golf are not the same as the shoes used in a game of golf. Both games are similar, as they utilize the same set of equipment. The difference between the two games is the playing surface.

The game of golf is typically played on a course that is well maintained while disc golf is played on a very rough surface, with steep terrains showing up without prior notice. 

We have come across situations during sport when our feet start to feel uncomfortable. This could be from using the wrong shoe size and the low-quality materials used in making the shoe — all the more reason why the right pair of shoes is essential during a disc golfing game.

Before choosing the best disc golf shoes to buy, there are several critical features you have to take into consideration. We have briefly discussed these features below.

Breathability Vs. Water-Resistance

This is one of the toughest features to consider before buying the right disc golf shoes for you, making a choice whether you want your shoes to be more waterproof than breathable or vice versa depends on the weather conditions of where you reside. If you live in a desert region, making a choice would be easy.

If you live in a region of the world where the weather is unpredictable, you would have a hard time coming to a decision. Why? Water-resistant shoes are generally known to be thick, making them have fewer feet ventilation during hot weather. For the early morning lovers, the waterproof shoes are the right pick because of the dew.

Disc golfing shoe firms have made a few tweaks in their shoes so you can enjoy the gains from both features. Water-resistant shoes are ideal for muddy, wet climates. Wearing them during the summer is a sure way of getting your feet all sweaty

Shoe Weight 

The issue of weight is always an essential factor whenever you want to purchase just about any pair of shoes, not to talk of a specific pair for use on a disc golf course.

This factor, though, comes with a little room for compromise, unlike the first factor. Buying a disc golf shoe that is lightweight enables a disc golfer to take more explosive shots by using his body momentum more.

For players who have small statures, the lightweight shoe could play a significant role in how they go about their style of play. The drawback to this factor is the fact that it is not built to last for long.

This is most likely the reason most players go for disc golf shoes that are heavy. A heavy shoe reduces the risk of sustaining ankle or foot injuries and are generally more durable.

For people taking up disc golfing for the first time, the preference for heavier shoes is quite high. They do not go for lightweight shoes that put them at risk of getting injured.

Adequate Cushioning

A disc golf shoe with a proper cushioning layer is another germane factor to put in mind. Proper cushioning and comfortability are thought to be the same thing by lots of people, but there is a slight difference. 

Shoes are considered comfortable when the footbed is lined with a soft cushioning layer, which gives the foot a snug-fitting. Without this cushioning layer, you would feel pain after a few hours. 

Shoe Material

Disc golf shoes are made from different materials, giving the wearer a hard decision on the right material to seek out.

Knowing if the material used in making a shoe is of high quality or not is not easily determined.

Disc golf shoes made with high-quality materials are those made with authentic or fake leather. Shoes made from this material are very durable as well as been resistant to harsh weather conditions. They do not fade and last quite a long time.

However, if you are on a tight budget, going for shoes made of fabrics with rubbery feel would last much longer. The quality of the seams on a shoe is another feature to look out for, as shoes with low-quality stitching could fall apart after a short while.

Foot Arch Support

This is a subfactor under the comfort feature. Whether you have feet that have a high or flat arch, a good disc golf shoe should provide proper support for the arch of your feet.

If, after a day of playing a game, you feel pain in your feet, it is probably because the shoe does not give the necessary arch support to your feet. This causes basal foot pains. A good disc golf shoe should have a reinforced basal layer, so your feet do not press up tight against the shoelaces.

Shoe grip

The grip level is a critical feature to look out for in a disc golf shoe. The desired grip level varies for different buyers as the terrain they would need the shoes for differ.

The best way to determine the grip level of a shoe is to take a look at the tread design on the shoe bottom. Just as golf shoes are designed with different treads, the same applies to disc golf shoes.

Some shoes do not come with pronounced treads, but they would be sturdy enough to cope with lateral foot movements.

If you are playing in a region with lots of muddy, wet terrains, you would be better off buying a shoe that has a pronounced tread design. This helps to keep you standing upright without sustaining ankle injuries.

Treated shoes are generally known to give the wearer more foot grip on surfaces that are snowy, muddy, wet, and in rough terrains. Shoes without visible treads are good but lack a few basics.

If you subject your shoes to the rigors of daily use, you would be better off getting one that the tread can cope with such pressure.

Feet Width and Length

Knowing your feet width is another factor to be considered. When you know this, you will get the right pair of shoes for your feet. 

If, upon trying a new pair of shoes, you discover there is no ample space for your toes or on the sides, you should not buy such. Believing in the assumption that it would get slack with time is false. You would rather experience swelling of your feet over time with continuous use.

Shoe length is also an essential factor to consider. Try out the shoes the day after a game to see if the length is right for your feet.

The right shoe pair should have enough room for your toe to wiggle and should not make your feet damp.

Shoe Lace Type

Taking note of the lacing system of the disc golf shoe you want to purchase is a factor that is more often than not, taken for granted. It is a feature to be given some attention to as shoelaces secure your feet in the shoe, thereby enhancing your performance.

You would have to find the perfect balance between having your feet secured and been comfortable. Some lace systems are so tight you end up having foot pains at the end of a game.

Extremely tight shoelaces cut off blood circulation to the feet and construct free movement. Laces with metal rings are more durable.