Tuning Forks for Healing

Best Tuning Forks for Healing 

Tuning forks were made with the sole aim of helping musicians with fine-tuning of their musical instruments. In recent times, tuning forks have been put to other important use, especially in the areas of alternative medicine.

The fact that they can reduce the overtones they produce within seconds after been tapped makes it a great tool to use for effective sound therapy. With the resulting harmonic resonances produced, the sense organs of the body are made to function very well. 

With the ascetic doing therapy, tuning forks have been made quite easy-to-use and with a lot of fun attached to their use. 

The use of tuning forks and the spiritual beliefs attached to them as regards the healing of the body varies with different people.

This article would discuss the various ways tuning forks can be used, the best tuning forks for healing and the factors to consider before choosing the right fork to buy, among many others. 

Classes of Tuning Forks

Tuning forks are classed into two: the weighted and non-weighted tuning forks.

Weighted Tuning Forks

This class of tuning forks gives a more vibrating effect because of the connected weights at their ends. A user feels the soothing effect of the humming vibrations coursing through their body when the weighted end makes pressured contact with the body. The vibrations help to relax stressed up body muscles, relieve body aches, and improve blood circulation. 

You can also put Weighted tuning forks to use on the body’s main pressure points as well as acupuncture points. 

Non-Weighted Tuning Forks

These types of tuning forks are mainly listened to. After tapping this type of tuning fork, you bring it close to your ear, at a distance of not more than 5 centimeters. By listening to the harmonic sound notes produced by non-weighted forks, you gradually get into a deep, relaxed meditative state.

Applications of Tuning Forks in Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning forks are primarily used on the human body. The stem of an activated tuning fork is used to make contact with the skin of the human body, to bring about reinvigorated repairs of tissues, and to relieve tensed up muscles from mentally and physically stressing situations. They improve the general circulation of blood, promote deep refreshing sleep, as well as relieving pains in body joints. 

Hearing the sound produced by a tuning fork at a distance of 5 centimeters from our ears has several positive effects on our bodies. The functions of many body organs are reset through this auditory linkage. The holistic effect on the sense organs of the body by this action is fantastic, as it promotes a state of excitement or rest. This depends on the type of fork used.

Tuning forks are also used in effective healing of the body’s bio-energetic fields, commonly referred to as our Aura.

That being said, which tuning forks are the best for healing? We will discuss this in our top picks below.

The Om Tuning Fork 136.10HZ

The OM tuning fork 136.10Hz is our number one choice, and this is not without reason. It is a great healing tool as it can induce a calm, deep state of meditation by creating a state of equilibrium between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain. In this state, the mind can focus on inner energy.

This tuning fork has a strong vibration effect that is quite harmonic. This vibration effect is used by people who have insomnia, as it promotes sound sleep. 

The OM tuning fork is used when you find yourself not able to focus on things for long and to re-energize yourself when you feel weak. It acts as a relaxant when you put it close to your ears within a 5 centimeters radius or on top of your rib cage.

It can also be used to relieve mental and physical stress and pains in body joints.


  • The tuning fork is constructed from high-grade metallic components.
  • It can be used on both man and animals
  • The sound pitch is top-notch and rings out for more extended periods.


  • There is no instructions manual to guide the use of this tuning fork
  • The handle is too short in length, so it cannot be held in a firm grip.

Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Our second pick is the  Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks. The set comprises of 9 tuning forks which give out the three sound notes missing from the frequencies considered to be sacred, called the Secret Solfeggio. The three missing sound notes were popularly used in the olden days of Gregorian Chanting.

The singing of these sacred frequencies in the harmonic notes during religious activities was believed to bless people with amazing abilities. In modern times, these sacred frequencies have now been incorporated into the makeup of Solfeggio Tuning Forks.

These sets of tuning forks have been used for purposes such as character change, repair of human DNA, getting over guilt trips, and conquering fear. 


  • These set of tuning forks have a robust and durable look
  • It offers numerous benefits to the body


  • Users have not made any complaints regarding this product. 

Radical 8 Chakra Healing Tuning Forks

This set of tuning forks is an alternative means of carrying out healing with the Chakra system. It consists of 7 tuning forks that are not in tune with the Pythagorean scale, unlike the Harmonic Spectrum. These set of tuning forks function around the concept of using the planets pivotal energy revolving around the Sun; thus, they cannot be located on a melodic scale reading. 

They work on our Chakra measurements, our subconscious minds, and other critical spiritual channels. The Chakra set of tuning forks does not work on the physical body during healing as much as the Harmonic Spectrum set of tuning does.

The Harmonic Spectrum Set works more on the physical part during healing because it uses the Just Scale. The physical plane is lighter, more cognitive, and dynamic. It is focused on the different systems of the body as well as the five sense organs.

The Chakra tuning forks make use of precise algorithms derived from the solar system to measure individual chakras by accessing individual Chakra ladders, pathways, and multidimensional internal energy levels.

Through this, the understanding of what life is and our relationship with it through the Cosmos is achieved. The forks are also used in working on the menstrual cycle of women as well as any hormonal imbalance. 


  • This tuning fork is recommended for performing biofield healing
  • It has a very high responsive rating.
  • This set of tuning forks has an elegant look.


  • The carrying pouch is distastefully so cheap
  • The sound does not have a long ring

Love Tuning Fork 528 HZ

The Love Tuning fork with a comes with a small carrying bag, a mallet for activation, and one Buddha bead, which helps to get the body and mind in a deep resting mode. This promotes a faster healing process as well as enhanced mental and physical prowess.

Other enhancing effects include higher responsiveness to the use of alternative means of medical treatments such as therapeutic body massage, acupuncture, and deep meditation.

The single Buddha bead keeps you focused during meditation and is used for carrying out treatments at a more practical level. The Love tuning fork is an excellent tool for carrying out cleansing of crystal energies by using the tuning fork frequency chart provided.


  • You get a total refund if you are dissatisfied with the product.
  • The tuning fork is very easy-to-use.
  • It has a robust vibrating effect.


  • The carrying bag is small in size

Qiyun Tuning Fork, 528 HZ

This tuning fork is one of the best tuning forks used for healing. It comes in a portable design and has a duffel bag to carry it about. 

Constructed from high-quality aluminum, it produces accurate tuning and a high sound pitch that rings for long. A very soft cleaning cloth is provided to maintain the tuning of the fork. The QIYUN Tuning Fork is excellent at reducing stress levels and in relieving stiff body joints. It is also used to reduce inflammatory conditions and promotes a relaxing, meditative state with its Solfeggio training frequency of 528Hertz. This enables you to free your mind of any distractions. 

This fork can be used as an energy transforming and balancing tool as well as tracing of meridian lines. A tuning fork frequency chart to help you understand the levels you have reached is also provided during purchase.


  • It is quite portable, with a bag provided to carry it about easily.
  • The sound pitch it delivers is top-notch.
  • Cleans crystals nicely.


  • It is not constructed from high-quality metal. This makes it quickly wear out in quite a short time when compared to other tuning fork brands.

EastRock 128 Hz Tuning Fork

This tuning fork is constructed from durable, high-grade aluminum alloy metal. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry about from place to place with the provided black duffel bag. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as instrument tuning, sound therapy, and ocular testing. This fork delivers precise tuning and great sound pitch for a long time. 

The EastRock tuning fork is effectively used as a stress reliever, for relieving stiff joints as well as inflammatory cases. It also helps in making the user get into a deep meditative state.


  • It is very portable
  • The sound quality is very crisp
  • It is made from durable, high-grade aluminum alloy.


  • Users have not made any complaints regarding this product. 

The Various Ways A Tuning Fork Can Be Utilized

You can utilize a tuning fork to produce sounds that are very harmonic by striking two tuning forks against each other and then held by the handle as you place them on top of:

  • Body tissues such as muscles and skeletal structure
  • Sonopuncture points of the body, otherwise known as the meridian energy lines
  • Frontal or ventral Chakra points, reflex parts of the hands, head, and feet
  • a crystal energy cleanser directed towards the receiver
  • Flower containing vessels, pure water or vibrating sound therapy tool
  • the numerous acupuncture locations on the surface of the Earth
  • passing through levels of body energy field 
  • meridian energy lines of stroke
  • meridian acupuncture points

Production of Sound by A Tuning Fork

Sound is produced by a tuning fork in the following ways listed below:

  • You can get the loudest sound by gently and carefully striking two tuning forks together. 
  • Sounds that have a louder pitch can be generated by striking the forks with a mallet made of rubber.
  • For sounds that are a bit loud, just a single knee tap would do.
  • You can also produce moderately loud sounds by making use of the tuning fork activator. This is the recommended way to produce sound with a tuning fork.
  • Striking the fork against your palm or thigh is another way. 
  • Producing sound in the Angel & Crystal Forks is carried out by tapping with a mallet made of wood. 

Important Things to Follow While Using Tuning Forks

The following points should be observed when healing with tuning fork techniques:

  • Hold the forks in a flexible wrist position
  • Have a firm grip of the handle but make sure your fingers are relaxed
  • Hold the fork with your elbow in a bent position. No tensing of arm muscles, as this would make the fork harder to use. 
  • The fork should be held sideways, so you can hit only one prong
  • Both sides of the fork would vibrate to deliver a pleasant sound pitch because of the “U” shaped structure.
  • To get the best pitch, hit the prong of the tuning fork about one-third from its top part.

Caring for Tuning Forks

To keep tuning forks giving out very accurate frequencies, have them kept in rooms where the temperature doe not exceed the ideal tuning temperature of 72º F. A temperature that falls within the range of plus or minus 10ºF is still OK, as it does not have any effect on its frequency. 

If you have temporarily placed them in cold or hot temperatures, be sure to use them in normal room temperature settings to get accurate frequency readings. You can keep them in rooms that are moderately cold or hot, but never subject them to a high-temperature setting, as their sound frequency would be altered.

The perfect condition to store tung forks when you are not using them should be in rooms that are cool and dry. Storing them in humid rooms would make them rust. If you live in such a humid climate, be sure to store them in airtight bags.

The luster nature of tuning forks wear out as time passes, but the particular sound frequency does not.

Buyers Guide to the Best Tuning Forks for Healing

Choosing the best tuning forks to purchase depends on many factors. For starters, you have to take a look at your budgetary plan. If your budget affords you the chance of getting a single tuning fork of great quality than a set of low quality, do so. If you are not well experienced in the use of tuning forks, go for the easy-to-use tuning forks at first. Finally, think deep about the main reasons why you need to purchase tuning forks. 

The Important Factors to Be Considered

Tuning Fork Material 

Aluminum Alloy Tuning Forks VS Stainless Steel Tuning Forks

Tuning forks made from aluminum alloy deliver sound pitches of great quality that ring out longer to give that deep relaxed, meditative state. Becoming more aware of our inner energy is made possible in this type of environment brought about by overtones. 

They are also very durable and easy-to-use due to their milder nature when compared to tuning forks made from stainless steel. 

Also, stainless steel tuning forks are way more expensive than aluminum tuning forks.


The set of tuning forks you eventually purchase depends a lot on the amount of money you can afford. It must be noted here that the notion of buying the more expensive set does not mean it is the best. Neither does the cheapest of the lot means it is made from low-grade materials. 

The best option if your budget is above average is to buy a set of tuning forks made from stainless steel as they are more durable and give out better sound pitch than aluminum-coated ones. If you are working with a budget plan that is quite low, you would be better served going for just one tuning fork of high quality, so you can use it for a long time for carrying out healing. For the folks with a high budget, buying a set of high quality that can be played at the same time is best.  Ultimately your budget will determine the set of forks you purchase.

What is your level of experience with the use of tuning forks?

For people who have no experience in the use of tuning forks for healing purposes, the first for them is to really know the reason why they are interested in the science of tuning forks. It could be that they desire to treat an ailment through alternative means through sounds, or they are keen on securing knowledge as regards the body’s energy field. Be sure to choose the tuning fork that would cater to your needs in the best possible way. For those who are knowledgeable about the science of sound therapy, choosing a set of tuning forks that would add more value to the ones you already have. If you have a set of tuning forks that works on the body Chakra, buying a set of sacred solfeggio tuning forks would be a great complimentary choice.

Where and How You Will Be Using the Tuning Forks

Using tuning forks as tools for treating ailments through alternative medicine is a very good option. Tuning forks are used when seeking to be in a deep meditation mood during Reiki and the various deep energy states. For alternative medicine practitioners, they should make a choice of the tuning forks they feel would be of great use for their patients. 

You could go for the tuning fork that is easy-to-use and touches the skin directly. Put into consideration if a large number of your patients would be treated by sound healing – you would definitely have to choose a tuning fork that does this easily on a large scale. Bottom line? Choose a tuning fork that will be an ideal choice for treating your patients with ease and more effectively.

What tuning forks technique can be recommended to the new enthusiasts of using tuning forks for healing?

The knee tap is one of the most popular techniques that new tuning fork enthusiasts can learn. You begin by holding the handle of the tuning fork in each hand. Do not hold the handle too tightly; just grip it with moderately. Gently tap your knee cap with the flat side of the tuning fork. 

Raise the tuning forks to within 5 inches of your ears and listen to the sound notes. Lower the forks after the sound has faded. Repeat the entire tapping and listening process after a break of between 15 to 30 seconds.


Having discussed the best tuning forks for healing in detail, we believe that you can now make a choice of the tuning fork that works best for you. Remember, continuous use of the tuning fork would perfect your technique. Have fun with the various tuning fork exercises, and you would see the effects of such therapeutic exercises in no time. 

Gradually you would gain more self-confidence- educationally and in sonic awareness, opening your mind to the deeper understanding and complexity of using tuning fork frequencies for healing.